Eikosi to be held Spring 2015

Eikosi Academy in Salem IndianaIn the 1870's at a time before electricity and running water the halls of the Eikosi Academy in Salem Indiana were filled with some of the most gifted scholars from the region. These students conversed in Latin, French and/or German. Students were taught lessons in advanced trigonometry, higher algebra and analytical Geometry. Eikosi Academy students received advanced training in the earth sciences such as Chemistry, Botany and Geology at a time when outhouses were the standard for much of Indiana. Friday evening scientific lectures and literary readings were presented as way to foster greater awareness and understanding of the creative, scientific and literary world.

So renowned was the educational curriculum of the Eikosi Academy in Salem that graduation from the academy included automatic acceptance to Indiana University and several other Indiana Colleges.

At a time of relatively low educational standards and challenging times the Eikosi community came together to establish a positive force for embracing the arts, culture, education and a sense of community pride.

This is what Eikosi means to us. A rebirth of an historic community through a renewed appreciation for the arts, education and culture.